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ArmA soldier to ArmA 2

How to get ArmA soldier to ArmA 2 so it works properly without “arm warping” etc.

Copy Geometry, Memory, Hit-Points and Fire Geometry LODs from the example soldier.p3d BIS released. It's best to remove the old LODs completely from your model before applying the new ones. Then use the new model.cfg which came with ArmA 2 sample model.

For best results you should also copy the hands from soldier.p3d and use the new head as proxy (also found in soldier.p3d). Note that the new head model has only two LODs, 1.0 and 2.0. This means for bigger LODs you'll need to copy the head part from soldier.p3d directly.

You can use config to replace different head for your soldiers.

To swap hands and head:

  • Delete your current hands off of your current model and replace them with the ones on the new Sample model *soldier*. Simple copy & paste.
  • For the head, just delete your current models head, then open up the example model “soldier” and copy and paste the proxy called “bysta”.

For more details about swapping to use new head proxy, read our Head proxy page.

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