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Head Proxy

How to easily upgrade your soldiers to use new head proxy system.

Delete your current hands off of your current model and replace them with the ones on the new Sample model *soldier*. Simple copy & paste.

For the head, just delete your current models head, then open up the example model “soldier” and copy and paste the proxy called “bysta”.

proxy path + file name: \ca\characters\Heads\bysta.p3d (.p3d not listed in o2).

Resolution LOD's 1.0 and 2.0 has the head proxy, rest of LODs have modeled head.

Prepare _tmp_my_new_head.p3d (for example) and make all identical LOD's there as in your character models have, including View-Pilot. Then paste the BIS soldier.p3d hhl_06 and proxy:bysta there, from each LOD to each LOD so it builds identical setup.

Now load your character p3d, delete existing hhl section from all LODs and view-pilot too. You can do this easily by using the resource menu, double click on the hhl texture to select all points using it, then press D which is Face → Remove. Now empty your selection, then in the resource menu hold CTRL pressed and double click one by one all the textures listed there EVEN the “not mapped” ones which are proxy's usually. Now hit CTRL-X to cut, then CTRL-A to select all, DEL to delete and finally CTRL-V to paste. Whoa what a combination, but as you can see now you have nicely removed the old hhl textured parts from your model and leaving the “next vertices faces” intact.

Now use menu File → Merge…, choose your _tmp_my_new_head.p3d and click Not to make new LODs. Now you have merged all LODs from your _tmp_my_new_head.p3d template model into your cleaned up character model. Just make sure texture paths/names are correct, use Tools → Mass Texture & Material renaming… feature. Remember to change all RVMAT paths and all, if your character had rolled up sleeves or other parts in the old hhl texture, then rename it to hhl_06_co.tga which is what the soldier.p3d from BIS was using, also rename your old hhl rvmat to “hhl.rvmat” file.

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