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Visitor 3 Personal Edition

Visitor 3 Personal Edition

V3 has the new stallite layer mask texture thingys. Seems like in the “early hours” of V3 editing most of the people are having great difficulties operating V3, especially the texture parts.


TODO, sorry.

Visitor Terrain Analysis

This is our BIS Visitor 3 created terrain analysis. Mostly we started to look for water depths.

The island in question is the Sample map Rahmadi (Intro “island”), as its the only one with .pew Visitor 3 project file available where we can see how BIS layed it all out.

Water depths are as follows.

Depth Description Water Color
0m land starts Eh, land…
0-50m shallow Turquoise
50-?m deep Dark Ocean Blue

Deepest parts of Rahmadi is about 75-78m deep. Also as a sidenote, in the left, upper and right edges of the map the depth really sinks deep, its about 282m deep there, but I believe this is that usual “beyond the edge” bug of WRP's and not intended. However, if we assume ArmA engine understands the same as Visitor 3, then we could expect to use such water depths ingame too. In the lower edge the water depth rises again to -50m about.

We tested this in small demo terrain, -5m depth was the nice Turquoise color, -50m was dark ocean blue, -100m was the same and we even tried out -300m depth and it worked ingame ok, color was dark ocean blue. We just drove around in RHIB in the surface, but I see no reason why the -300m depth would not work for “submerged” units when such become available. ArmA.RPT was clean in our demo terrain so the depths arent at least causing any errors there. Looks like ArmA will support nice underwater world possibilities.

One bad thing for us is that WrpTool is hardcored not to adjust depth beyond -50m so we are stuck always with the shallow waters :)

Please note that this terrain analysis text is our own observations, not necessarily facts or double checked for verification, especially the water depth relating to water colors are rough estimates. If you can help, please send us feedback.


Suma (BIS Dev) said in their forums: When working with a terrain of this size (4096), make sure your texture grid is set to something like 4x of the terrain grid (40 m in your terrain grid is 10 m), otherwise the memory requirements are enormous.

Download from official BIS Visitor 3 page here.

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