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This is brief description for cfgSurfaces class which can be used to create ground clutter (grass, foliage etc).

Remember that the ground clutter does NOT have geometry or shadows. So you cannot make forest (big tree) clutter or houses or anything else which might effect AI or human players taking cover or interact with. Ground clutter is purely an nice eye candy and nothing more.

class zandbak: Default
	access = ReadOnly;
	files = "xxpisek_*"; //all files starting with "xxpisek" will be defined
	rough = 0.02; // roughness setting, the way vehicles move on these textures(higher number, more bumps)
	dust = 0.3; // amount of dust vehicles will create on these textures(higher number, more dust)
	soundEnviron = "sand"; // sound effect when driving or walking on these textures
	character = "xxSandClutter"; // this is the clutter stuff you defined which will be placed on the textures


class cfgSurfaceCharacters
	class xxGrassClutter
		// how much stuff from the clutters will be placed,
		// so in this case 3 numbers representing the 3 names on next line.
		probability[] = { 0.5, 0.05, 0.04 };
		names[] = { "xxgrasslong", "xxGrassSevenbeauty", "xxFlowersWhite" };
	class xxSandClutter
		// just one number, next line just defines 1 clutter
		probability[] = { 0.04 };
		names[] = { "xxSmallRocks" };
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