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Soldier Wound Textures

Soldier wound textures. These are the texture files themselves and config.cpp entry “class wounds” also. There is two sets of textures for wounds.

  1. face + hands/feet (ie bare skin).
  2. main body clothing (not including gear / accessories).

So for example in ca\characters\us_soldier_b.p3d has the following textures.

bare skin texture: ca\characters\hhl\hhl_02_co.paa
bare skin rvmat: ca\characters\data\us_rukavy_hhl.rvmat


body clothing texture: ca\characters\data\us_soldieracu_ohrnute_co.paa
body clothing rvmat: ca\characters\data\us_soldier_b_body.rvmat

Full wound texture config.cpp part:

          class Wounds
             tex[] = {};
             mat[] =

Seems like BIS is using individual textures for all soldiers which include the damage textures.

So in a nutshell, you need to check what texture are you using for your soldiers BARE SKIN and then for BODY CLOTHING. For these two textures you affiliate the rvmat into the class wounds config and hook up for the damage textures.

Damage textures as image, they seem to be same size as the normal textures and use alpha channel transparency to apply the blood / damage parts.

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