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Visitor 3 Background Image

How to add Visitor 3 background bitmap image which displays your terrain features.

If your satellite map is very huge, say like 20480 x 20480 pixel, rescale to say one 10th (2048 x 2048 pixel), then save it BMP in your project\source folder and add it as a background image is visitor.

Go to your Panel of Objects –> choose Background Images –> give it a names and browse for the image –> set transparency and make sure the visible box is checked –> press OK –> then press your BK button in the Toolbar to make it appear.

Visitor 3 Background Image

Background image is a bitmap.

  1. BK button pressed.
  2. View → panel of objects → background images → New image.
  3. put in something for name
  4. browse for the bitmap .bmp image from the same dir as your PEW project file.
  5. placement write x/z 0 and width/height to your terrain size in meters
  6. press OK and it shows up.

done :)

Its been also said that the .BMP needs to be in the same directory as your .PEW project file.

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