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Blue Edge

Dialogue Project → Export Map As Image…

Choose EMF as file type! It is impossible to export image in big resolution as BMP. Resolution should be the same as target satellite image PLUS the size of “blue edge”, visible on left and bottom side of the map in Visitor. On Sara, it was 20480×20480, for OFP maps, this would be 12800×12800. Blue edge will be cut out, it needs to added because output of whole map in same resolution as texture is needed.

Size of “blue edge” is the size of one elevation cell in pixels of satellite texture:

See, what is the terrain square size.

Calculate, how many pixels of satellite texture are present on an elevation cell:

[size of sat. texture's row or column]/[number of cells in row or column]

On Sahrani, terrain grid cell is 10×10 px, thus the size of image you will need to export is 20490×20490 px.

Conversion of EMF to PNG

There is no way of opening a completed EMF file as big of size as Sahrani. A custom tool was then created for converting EMF to PNG. In the Visitor folder, there is tiny executable named EmfToPng.exe, this tool will do the converting to EMF for you.

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