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Mask Creation

How to create visitor 3 mask image.

First I open up the satellite texture in Photoshop, then I go to the Hue/saturation tool and adjust/correct the individual surface types hue and saturation with single colors like green for grass to make them more prominent if need be. After that I go set saturation on max with the master. Then I turn contrast to max with legacy on and usually I should have a usable mask made, but in most cases there are more than 4 colors so I use the hue/sat and/or color replacement tool to remove small bit of undesired colors until I an left with 4 primary surfaces. Now I can determine which detail texture suits best for each surface type, read their RGB value and then smack that into the layers.cfg.

  1. Hue / Saturation tool and adjust individual surface types hue/saturation with single colors.
  2. Set saturation on max with the master.
  3. Turn contrast to max with legacy.

Just a small Photoshop tip I found useful while working with mask images.

To make sure you have the exact number of colors and the correct colors easily, convert to indexed colors via the image –> mode menu (make sure forced is set to none and transparency is off). Once converted, use mode –> color table to easily see exactly which colors are present. From here you can also change or remove additional colors. Removing is done by clicking the color swatch in the table and changing the RGB values to match one of your layer.cfg colors.

  1. Convert colors Image → Mode → Indexed.
  2. Image → Mode → Color Table…
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