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Export to EMF

See also arma 1 making satellite texture mask, export of project printout.

Export ot EMF is used just as reference to make satellite texture.

The idea is this: If I export EMF (and subsequently PNG) of the same resolution as satellite texture, I would be able to put it there and use it as reference painting vicinity of the objects in map etc.

The problem is this: Several additional pixels appear in the image (in our settings, it usually ends up blue, but if you turn off terrain and contours, it can be invisible).

Be aware that method from tutorial sometimes works, but sometimes not. We recently tried to fix the issue, but despite our effort, raw Visitor output still does not fully fit to object positions.

Using EmfToPng.exe

To convert your huge EMF image file to more readable/compatible PNG image, you need to use EmfToPng.exe util found in your Visitor 3 directory.

Use it like this:

emftopng my_big_emf_image.emf

It then creates the png file for you named “my_big_emf_image.png” in the same directory where you ran the .emf image.

Drag and Drop .bat Method

How to convert your large EMF file into PNG using .bat file where you can drag and drop your EMF image. This guide assumes your Visitor 3 has been installed to “c:\armatools\v3\” directory.


c:\armatools\v3\EmfToPng.exe %1

Then in windows explorer just drag and drop the EMF file into this _run_emf.bat file and it converts it to PNG.

Note: Imagemagick also converts EMF to PNG or other images you prefer.

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