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Generic ImageMagick help, tips, tutorials etc.

ImageMagick homepage.

2020-05-14 updated to Version: ImageMagick 7.0.10-11 Q16 x64 2020-05-09.

Out of Memory

On huge image files you easily run out of memory, here is how to avoid it.

ImageMagick needs to swap to temp dir/file, if the drive it tries to swap gets full you can define new drive/path like this:


You can use what path you wish there.

Seems that 20480 resolution image is fine, but 25600 starts to really bogg down win7 64bit with 16gb RAM.

Indexed to RGB Color

How to use ImageMagick to convert indexed PNG image into RGB color:

magick convert indexed.png -define png:color-type=2 rgb.png

Take a note that when you convert large image, huge image… it takes quite long time and eats all the memory you have in your computer, strange thing even though its supposed to use the temp directory. But, it works. For example Photoshop CS6 does not save large PNG image with RGB color to PNG (it loads indexed, but doesn't save RGB).

Imagemagick Convert Large Satellite to Smaller

Imagemagick Convert Large Satellite to Smaller for testing purposes, for example convert 40960 monster to a 12800 which you can more easily import many times into Visitor 3 while you are testing some satellite settings.

resize larger satellite down into 12800 res:

magick convert Satellite_texture_lco.png -resize 12800x12800 satellite_texture_12800_lco.png
magick convert Satellite_mask_lco.png -resize 12800x12800 satellite_mask_12800_lco.png

Imagemagick Append

Append command merges two or more images together.

rem -append is TOP TO BOTTOM
rem +append is LEFT TO RIGHT
magick convert +append sat_A1.bmp sat_A2.bmp satellite_top.bmp

Split Image to Tiles

How to split image to specific resolution pieces with imagemagick?

magick convert test.png -crop 1024x1024 tiles.png
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