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Greyscale PNG image

You can import terrain elevations to Visitor 3 by using grey scale PNG image.

Use a 16-bit PNG at 4096×4096 for a 4096×4096 terrain grid size (Make sure the PNG is a power of 2 ie… 128, 256, 512, 1024, 2048, 4096…). The image started of in Photoshop as a grey-scale 8-bit PNG, then imported into Wilbur (as Surface PNG file) and saved as 16-bit in P:\ drive. Then make the .pbl file in the P:\ drive in same folder as PNG:

Check the Terrain.pbl file:

class cfg
	PNGfilename = "Terrain.png";  <-- Make sure this is same name as png file
	squareSize = 10; <-- Make sure same size as "Terrain cell size" in Visitor
	originX = 0;
	originY = 0;
	minHeight = 0; <-- Adjust as needs
	maxHeight = 400; <-- Adjust as needs

Then import into Visitor.

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