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Object Descriptions

Default ArmA object descriptions is listed in this page. You ever wonder what is the p3d name for the dumbster? or guard tower? or iraq/mog looking building? Well this list tells you what filename is which object.



P3D filename Description
dum_istan2 Iraq/Mog look desert building, enterable
dum_istan2_01 big tall building
dum_istan2_02 huge building, small enterable lobby
dum_istan2_03 tall smallish building
dum_istan2_03a tall smallish building
dum_istan2_04a smallish building
dum_istan2b Iraq/Mog look desert building
dum_istan3 Iraq/Mog look desert building, semi enterable
dum_istan3_hromada Iraq/Mog look desert building enterable
dum_istan3_hromada2 Iraq/Mog look desert building enterable
dum_istan3_pumpa Iraq/Mog look desert small building
dum_istan4 Iraq/Mog look desert large building
dum_istan4_big Iraq/Mog look desert large tall building
dum_istan4_big_inverse Iraq/Mog look desert large tall building
dum_istan4_chodnik Sidewalk?
dum_istan4_detaily1 Iraq/Mog look desert mid sized building
dum_istan4_inverse Iraq/Mog look desert mid sized building
dum_istan4_zidka Desert fence
Dum_m2 CWC euro style house
Dum_mesto CWC euro style house
dum_mesto_in CWC euro style house, enterable
Dum_mesto2 CWC euro style house
Dum_mesto2L CWC euro style house
Dum_mesto3 CWC euro style house
Dum_mesto3_istan Iraq/Mog look wide building
dum_olez_istan1 Iraq/Mog look desert low building
dum_olez_istan2 Iraq/Mog look desert low building
dum_olez_istan2_maly Iraq/Mog look desert tall building
dum_olez_istan2_maly2 Iraq/Mog look desert tall building
dum_olezlina CWC euro style house
dum_rasovna CWC euro style house, enterable
hut_old02.p3d old hut/carage type shack.
hut06 small rusty steel cover hut
panelak couple of story semi modern condo
panelak2 four story semi modern condo
panelak3 eight story semi modern condo
podesta_1_cornl could beused as harbor, but its not!
posed guard tower grey, mid sized
ss_hangar new high tech aircraft shelter, green
ss_hangard new high tech aircraft shelter, desert
strazni_vez “gate” guard tower
telek1 radio/tv comms tower
tovarna1 old OFP factory
tovarna2 new factory
trafostanica_mala power grid electric stuff
trafostanica_velka umm double power grid stuff?
trafostanica_velka_draty powerlines
vez guard tower “pole” style
vysilac_fm radio tower
vysilac_fm2 radio tower without the cargo box
watertower1 big fat water tower/tank



P3D filename Description
dalnice_18 two lanes, looks like 6 long?
dalnice_18_redukce bit narrower but longer two lanes
kamenny_most30 big fat stone bridge, asphalt road
kamenny_most30v2 big fat stone bridge, asphalt road with lane strip
main_25 dunno, some sort of road
main10_25 same, 25 size turn
most_bez_lamp ofp style bridge
most_stred30 ofp style bridge with street lamps
najezd_benzina uh I wouldn't know, some sort of yard/curve?
pesina12 hmm some strange dirt road/path?
runway_beton big concrete runway, long, wide
runway_dirt main runway, skid marks. end.
runway_dirt_1 smaller, skid marks go north
runway_dirt_2 smaller, skid marks. completely middle
runway_dirt_3 smaller, skid marks go south
runway_end0 taxiway “north”
runway_end128 taxiway “south”
runway_end27 taxiway “north”
runway_end9 taxiway “south”
runway_main runway middle
runway_main_tcross taxiway
runway_poj_end27 taxiway no markings “north”
runway_poj_end9 taxiway no markings “south”
runway_poj_tcross taxiway no markings
runway_pojdraha taxiway middle
smazat25 uhm kind of asfalt road



P3D filename Description
rock grey smallish rugged
rockn_01 grey huge/tall rugged
rockn_02 grey huge rugged
rocks_01 sandy huge/tall rugged
rocks_02 sandy huge rugged
skala sandy small
skala_new pale grey largish
skala_newk grey largish
skala1_1 to _5 smallish sandy desert rocks
skala2_1 to _5 uh, same as skala1???
skala3_1 to _5 good old ofp fat desert rocks
stone3 same as skala1 series?
stone3a grey smallish
stone4 sandy largish
stone4a grey largish


ca\buildings\misc dir

P3D filename Description
lampa_sidl_2 highway light facing two sides (for middle of two lane highway)
lampa_sidl_2 two way highway street light
plot_green_draty ?
plot_green_vrat_o ?
plot_green_vrate brown concrete fence green door
plot_istan1_rovny_bezs decorated brown fence
plot_istan1_rovny_end1 fence end?
plot_istan1_rovny_gate decorated brown fence gate/doorway
plot_istan1_sloupek fence pole
plot_istan1b ?
plot_istan1b_end1 end/doorway?
plot_istan2 plain concrete fence “stub”
plot_istan3 brown concrete fence
plot_istan3 concrete fence (no decorations)
plot_istan3_sloupek brown concrete fence pole
plot_istan3_sloupek fence pole/end
plot_rust_brank_o end/doorway?
plot_rust_vrat_l gate/doorway
plot_vlnplech1 metal closed fence
plot_zed_drevo1_braka ?
ruiny_kopa_1v pile of dirt/sand
stanek_1 market stall, small, brown cover
stanek_1b market stall, small, blue cover
stanek_1c market stall, small, red cover
stanek_2 market stall, very small, purple cover
stanek_2b market stall, very small, green cover
stanek_2c market stall, small, red cover
stanek_3 market stall, small, brown cover
stanek_3_d market stall, brown cover hanging
stanek_3b market stall, small, brown cover
stanek_3c market stall, blue cover
stanek_4 market stall, red cover
stanek_4b market stall, purple cover
stanek_4c market stall, brown cover
vo_seda streetlamp (small?)
vo_zlut street lamp, curved
zed_kamenna_desert stone fence
zidka_branka ?
zidka01 doorway?


P3D filename Description
brana ?
container container brown
container2 container blue
datsun01t datsun car wreck
drevena_bedna wooden box
fot_cara ?
fuel_tank_stairs fuel tank with stairs
garbage_plastic garbage
garbage_plastic plastic garbage
junkpile pile of junk
kontejner dumbster standard
kontejner_papir dumbster paper
kontejner_plasty dumbster plastic
odpadkovy_kos ?
sloupyele powerline pole
svodidla_5m highway guard rail, length 5m
svodidla_5m two lane highway middle low fence
zavora_2 stop gate, open
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