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Visitor 3 Terrain Erosion

Visitor 3 Terrain Erosion feature

This feature can be found from the terrain matrices menu, you need to choose area of terrain cells to work on (usually all with CTRL-A).

Please note that Visitor 3 is very slow to compute on large terrains, so please give it good time as it runs if your terrain is large.


nGens: 0-128.

Since the ofp map square is 128x128m wide (wasn't it), I presume this is how many smaller plains you fit into it in terrain detail levels… in buldozer the squares show up as rough 50×50, it's totally different in game. as you see this was quite OFP comment.

WashCoef: 0-1.

The first eroding factor. I use very minimal values, and this has 0.006. Don't know what exactly this does.

SedimCoef: 50-300.

This factor does very little AFAIK (with settings I use). I can even use 300 and I don't see any difference.

SedimBase: 0-1.

Perhaps the most important factor. This determines the hardness of the surface. I use 1 to achieve minimal height alteration.

SedimEff: 0-1.

Almost same as above AFAIK. I use 0.9

InitRain: 0-1.

The most eroding factor with the last one. I use 0.006 to achieve very round shapes together with the before mentioned settings.

SteadyRain: 0-1.

Hard to tell the difference between this and the above rain. Might be even harder eroding. I use 0.001.


sedimbase and sedimeff is how smooth erosion is, 1 is smooth, 0 is very rough.

VTE terrain erosion (Vietnam 25km, no slowdowns in old OFP version).

Function Value used
nGens 64
WashCoef 0.006
SedimCoef 150
SedimBase 1
SedimEff 0.9
InitRain 0.4
SteadyRain 0.4

This following was tested on 51km afghanistan terrain, here is the results. Use the other values from the above table, these are the changes and results:

SedimBase SedimEff Results
0.5 0.5 too heavy jigs and jags, perhaps for pure aircraft map
0.7 0.7 still very very rough
0.8 0.8 hmm pretty ok still, quite waves from mountains down
0.9 0.6 still too bad :)
1 0.6 pretty hardcore
1 0.9 ok I guess
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