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Terrain Resolution in Visitor 3

It's possible to raise/lower terrain by 1 meter, 50 centimeters and 10 centimeters.

Just replace your original bin/core dir in P:\ from ones that come from <arma2oa>\Expansion data folder.

Unpack the languagecore too, in the P:\ dir and use as buldozer the arma2oa.exe file placed on P:\ dir.

If you start OA and you check the commands of the game itself, bulldozer section, you can find them.

This bulldozer is fully compatible with old projects and make maps compatible between ArmA 2 and ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead.

To use new bulldozer:

copy arma2oa.exe to p:\ copy \Expansion\dta\bin.pbo to p:\ copy \Expansion\dta\core.pbo to p:\ copy \Expansion\dta\languagecore.pbo to p:\

Unpbo them in their dirs.

Set bulldozer to use as viewer p:\arma2oa.exe and working folder p:\

When on bulldozer press F1 → set keys and bind your preferred keys to new smooth features.

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