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Tutorial of how to make custom backpack for ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead (OA).

Backpack Tutorial

STALKERGB talks about his British Forces backpacks:

The best way to think of the backpacks is just like a portable ammo box.

Below is how I added my daysack in OA, my backpacks definitely work in game and were part of my last British 3 Rifle Release.

First thing I did was added the Backpack Proxy to my models. Although the proxy will say “US_Bag” this isn't what it will put on your unit, its just the proxy's name.

After you have done that you will need to create a NEW p3d which will contain your backpack model. I just opened up O2 and copy and pasted my backpack into and empty O2 window like below, this means it will be positioned correctly when placed on my infantry in game, you will also note that the selections are the same as the ones used on your infantry models. As a general rule I have the WHOLE of the actual rucksack defined as ONLY “Spine2” and then the straps defined in a similar way to the standard BIS ones. As you can see in the picture, there is a 1.0 LOD and a View - Pilot LOD, you can create as many LOD's as you want for optimizing the performance in game. The shadowvolume works the same as on infantry models as does the geometry.

Just like with an ammo box you will need to add a memory point called “doplnovani” like in the image below, I think this dictates where the user option to take or open the rucksack appears. As you can see with mine it has just been placed directly behind the rucksack.

You will need to add a land contact point so that when the rucksack is dropped it sits properly on the floor:

Again, like with an ammo box, you will need to add a roadway, I don't really know what this does but I guess it has something to do with being able to select the rucksack when it is on the ground. Again, mine has been added at the back of the rucksack. You will need to select “find components” so that this works properly in game.

You will also need to add a view geometry but that works in the same way as with vehicles etc.

If you get stuck with any stage the best reference is the ARMA1 ammo box MLODs.

To get the backpack to animate properly you will need to add it to your model.cfg:

class Brit_PackDaySack: ArmaMan {};

As an example my daysack has just been added to the bottom of my infantry.

Now the rucksack will also need to be added to your config, there are quite a few different parameters but the ones below seemed the most important, as you can see I have used “USBasicBag” as inheritance for my rucksack. The transportMaxMagazines is probably where you will being editing most often.

class Brit_PackDaySack: USBasicBag
	scope = 2;
	displayName = "Daysack (UK)";
	model = "\STKR_BritMTP\Brit_PackDaySack.p3d";
	picture = "\STKR_BritMTP\icons\Brit_PackDaySack_ca.paa";
	icon = "\ca\weapons_e\data\icons\mapIcon_backpack_CA.paa" ;
	transportMaxWeapons = 0;
	transportMaxMagazines = 10;

You will also need to add “USBasicBag” earlier on in your config so the rucksack has something to inherit from, juts like you would do with infantry inheritance.

class CfgVehicles
class Land;
class Man: Land
	class ViewPilot;
class CAManBase;
class USBasicBag;
class US_Soldier_EP1;
class US_Soldier_Medic_EP1;
class US_Soldier_Sniper_EP1;

Anyway, hope that helps.


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