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Shock Absorbers

Vehicle shock absorbers.

I beleive the shock absorbers are using the wheels selection from O2 but are defined seperately.


class Wheel_podkoloL1
	type = "translationY";
	source = "damper";
	selection = "podkoloL1";
	axis = "";
	memory = "false";
	animPeriod = 0;
	minValue = -100;
	maxValue = 100;

“selection = podkoloL1” being the wheel name in O2, so you would change that to whatever your wheel/damper is named.

The class Wheel_podkoloL1 can also be called whatever you choose but I guess it needs to be the same as the wheels name in O2. So if you called it leftwheel in O2 you should call the class Wheel_leftwheel.

The only part that moves up and down is the wheel itself (unless dampers have been modelled) so i think for BIS it was to save confusion calling them wheels.

Something like:

class Damper_L1 // This is just the name of the anim, I think you can call this whatever you like, you might as well try and see anyway.
	type = "translationY"; // Obviously the direction of movement, so up and down
	source = "damper"; // Not really sure what this does but I guess it tells the anim its a damper, it also changes the name in buldozer if you test the anim
	selection = "podkoloL1"; // This will be the part you want to move up and down
	axis = ""; // Not needed for dampers so leave as is.
	memory = "false"; // Again leave as false or the dampers will remain where they are until changed rather than stick to the ground when possible
	animPeriod = 0; // the time the anim takes, just leave as is.
	minValue = -100; // This is the amount the dampers move, in reality they will never move by 100 but just leave it at that
	maxValue = 100;
class Wheel_podkoloL2: Wheel_podkoloL1 // Use the previous damper as inheritence to save time
	selection = "podkoloL2"; // Just say which wheel this anim is for
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