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Synide on Wreck models.

The only default BIS content to use it from A2 has been the model's mainly from air2.pbo as you maybe aware. I wouldn't imagine that this means that it's usage it purely restricted to air-type vehicles though. Possibly, simply a case the modellers's reserved it's usage to these high profile assets when they created the content for A2.

Try replicating these asset's setup for your wheeled vehicle and see.

So, you'd be defining that class property you mentioned, namely destrType=“DestructWreck”; in your primary fully functioning model's CfgVehicles class.

And, then in the model for that .p3d you'd be creating a 'new' LoD of the 'wreck' persuasion. In this LoD you'd have a proxy triangle pointing out to a version of your working model that looks like it's wrecked. This 'wrecked' model would have similar Resolution LoD's to your primary model plus 'view pilot', 'shadowvolume 0.0', 'geometry', 'land contact' & 'fire geometry' LoD's.

In your config you'd probably also have a seperate CfgVehicles class for this 'wrecked' model also so you'd be able to add it to a mission directly as an 'ambience' backdrop item.

For the config side of it look at the air2.pbo for some inspiration including the subfolders for each model.

Let us know how you get on as I'm sure others would be interested. I can't see why it shouldn't work for wheeled vehicles just at a glance but until you give it a try…

Cheers, Sy.

PS. Gnat, possibly if people were testing it's usage by purely adding the param to the class definition for other BIS default model's it may not have worked simply because those other BIS model's didn't have the 'wreck' LoD setup in them. Dunno, maybe.

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