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P3D Analyzer

ArmA 2 P3D Analyzer is tool much like OFP ODOL Explorer, you can view ArmA 2 ODOL P3D models and even save them to MLOD format.



  • View LODs
  • Choose selections
  • View 3D points, solid, wireframe or points + wireframe
  • View textures on model in 3D view
  • Proxys can be disabled in 3D view
  • Save P3D to MLOD format
  • MLOD saving with selections
  • MLOD saving also as command line tool
  • Extract model.cfg
  • View texture paths + names
  • View material paths + names
  • Replace textures/materials (on selected LODs or all etc)
  • TakeOnHelicopters (TKOH v.52) model support

Download P3D_Analyzer_1.55_Beta.rar from ArmA.2.Tools.2024-03-19/ Torrent Magnet:


Command Line Usage

Convert all ODOL p3d models in the current directory with p3dconsole into MLODs:

for %%x in (*.p3d) do (c:\my\path\to\p3d_analyzer\p3dconsole.exe %%x)
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