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ODOL Explorer

by WrpTool Dev Team, PMC

ODOL Explorer is utility to display ODOL format P3D files and display them with textures.


During the WrpTool development Dschulle coded also util called ODOL Explorer. When this util was introduced inside the team Rom (Romolus?) from BAS got mad because BAS's “protected” models/units can now be unpacked and everyone can steal them. He quit from WrpTool Development Team because we wanted to release this tool to the public. So him gone we included this utility in the WrpTool download package, the release of it was causing quite controversy on the BI forums, but WrpTool Dev Team got several emails thanking us for the good decision of releasing the tool. I believe the OFP community has benefitted greatly from our decision to release this tool and not having a “elitist” attitude and keep it to ourselfs.

After some time Mapfact member Lester leaked ODOL Explorer v2.44 to the public, this is leak yes, but we seddled this in peace, no hurt feelings or finger of blame pointed to Mapfact… This version is still available on some sites, however WrpTool dev team will not support it in any way.


ODOL Explorer is great utility to view ODOL P3D files. It will not read MLOD's because you can read those with O2. You will see the model and its textures, you can rotate, move, zoom and adjust light source up and down as you please. You can check different LODs and selections, see vertexes, faces and textures etc.





Those above images were “banned” from BIS forum topic, can you believe it. So we had to make censored images for public distribution, arent this community great where we have to live in? :)

Censored images: www.wrptool.com_images_odex1.jpg


The (at the time) controversial feature ODOL Explorer has is the option to save any model into MLOD format which can then be read and edited with O2. There are some minor errors when doing this save, but many even famous addon makers have stated that ODOL Explorer had saved them from nervous breakdown as they accidently deleted their precious p3d files. ODOL Explorer ended the P3DEdit saga of having an private utility out there for selected few addon makers.

Latest released version is v2.0.


  • Reads ODOL model files and displays them
  • Shows all LODs and geometry, roadway etc
  • Shows all selections
  • Shows all vertexes
  • Selectable transparent view mode
  • Adjustable light source position
  • User selectable ground texture
  • Saves ODOL to MLOD format which then can be loaded with O2


This util requires the the DLL files from WrpTool install package to run.

Official WrpTool Homepage.

Download Downloads - 670kb.

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