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P3DEdit v0.28 by OFPInternals


P3DEdit was a p3d model editing tool. It did what BIS said was impossible, converted ODOL back to MLOD format but it was never finished and the last version there were serious errors which made the tool useless to most anyway. After converting the models have to undergo substantial repairs to make them workable in O2.

It was released back in 2002 and it was only available to selected few, this caused the elitist effect on the addon making scene where few addon teams who had this util grew a unfortunate attitudes that they are above the rest of the addon makers. Luckily in due time with other tools released they were brought down.

  • P3DEdit will read ODOL and MLOD format P3D files.
  • Displays the wireframe models as well as 3D view of the model which can be rotated and zoomed with mouse.
  • Displays textures.
  • Opens models from inside PBO files.
  • Saves ODOL and MLOD models.
  • Exports to Wavefront *.OBJ files.





Download P3DEdit.rar - 404kb.

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