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BinPBO Exclude List

ArmA 2 BinPBO Exclude List

This file contains excludes for directory and file names of which binpbo do not add to the pbo. It is important that you add any specific project work directories and files here, for example as simple as *.txt is good to add here.

Why? Not to have unused files packed into your pbo which you release to the public. To avoid excessive space taken in the pbo, to not perhaps show public your private editing techniques or notes, etc.

Exclude list which is pure text file is located at


And it looks something like this

;;;; Files created during binarization
; Dependency files and log files

;;;; Temporary or working files - should be handled earlies,
;;;; but to be sure we exclude them here as well
; Backup files
; Avoid including any source, doc or temp files

;;;; Due to modular packing it might happen that .pbo are inside the temp folder that is packed,
;;;; but those are ofcourse then a bit waste of space

; VSS specific files

; mission editor temporary files

; BI signature
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