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Mem RPT by Synide

Report Memory LOD named selections from ArmA / ArmA 2 ODOL p3d files. Requires Microsoft.NET Framework 4.0.


memrpt [options] -p=[search pathname] -f=<filename>.p3d

[options] - optional parameter. '-s' - Also process sub dirs.

[search pathname] - optional parameter

  • If not present will process current folder.
  • If present, it MUST be a fully qualified path name.

<filename>.p3d - required parameter

  • Normal DOS wild cards maybe used in the file name.

Only files with the extension of .p3d will be processed.

OUTPUT - will be written to a file called 'memrpt.csv' in the [search pathname] folder.


memrpt -f=*high*.p3d

Parse files in the current folder with a file name matching *high*.p3d.

memrpt -s -p=P:\ca\ -f=*.p3d

Parse files in the folder P:\ca with file name matching *.p3d, also process all sub dirs.

PMC Tactical Forum topic about this tool.

Download memrpt_v0.0.0.2.rar - 8kb.

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