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BIS Tools Drive

BIS Tools drive information, ie P:\

This tool will create a P: drive on your hard drive using the SUBST command. It only associates a folder to a virtual drive.

Custom location

You can change the location during the installation process in the installation options.

If you are using P: drive for a different device already, you can change the drive name in the “..\My Documents\ArmAWork\mapdisk.bat”.

In this case make sure to adapt the path also in Oxygen 2 PE, File → Options and in Visitor 3, Tool → System Preferences.

More drives

  1. Create a batch file, like myDrive.bat.
  2. Make sure not to have a hidden .txt extension.
  3. Open the .bat with a proper text editor.
  4. Add the command seen below
  5. Save the file.
  6. Put into batch file or a link to it into the windows startup folder to run it automatically each time when windows starts.
subst t: "d:\subDir\armaTools"

First parameter: drive name/letter. Second parameter: source location to link virtual drive with.

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