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FixAddon builds a cfgPatches class from a config.cpp

specifically, it REBUILDS units[]= and weapons[]= to tell the truth


FixAddon [-options] config.cpp/bin [>some.txt]

The >some.txt writes the cfgPatches output to file.


  Q force use quotes
    quotes are not required for strings unless they are numeric or contain spaced words
  R Use CRLF. a single newline is default
  T Tab indent. otherwise spaced indent
  M Multiline array output instead of all in one line
  N no overview
  P No protected classes listed
  Y assume externs are protected and inherited classes as such
  Z assume externs are public and inherited classes as such

note that i am not that impressed nor interested in options ZY and they wont always work as advertised (for embedded externs). the thinking here is wrong. we need to come up with a database of declared addons so that we can even, set the nature of RequiredAddons[]={…..};


FixAddon builds class entries based SOLELY on whether they are public (scope=2) or not. Where not declared explicitly, it derives the information from inherited classes

External definitions

Class anything;

Are automatically deemed to be protected or private classes. (there is no way of telling)


After creating a 'new' cfgvehicles class, fixaddon reports which classnames differ from the original (if any)

Requires DePbo.dll - Check Mikero tools homepage in Dev-Heaven.

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