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This little tool is for people that can't or don't want to use PAA Plugin for Photoshop by Kegetys to view and edit A2 textures. It decompresses A2 textures back to the A1 format. This way you can easily use TexView2 for the textures.

For v1.2 PAACompressor.exe was added to produce compressed textures, which can be used in ArmA2 but use lesser disk space.


PAADecompressor.exe [source [destination]]

If no parameters are given a dialog appears where you can choose the file that should be decompressed. Decompressed files are ending with “_decompressed.paa” if destination name wasn't specified.

PAACompressor.exe is used the same way.

Shell extension:

This package contains a PAAD.reg (thx to kju) file that register the tool, so that you can quickly decompress paa files by right clicking on them. You just have to edit the path in it.

PAAC.reg for adding PAACompressor to shell.

Requires .NET Framework 3.5 and Bis.dll - Check T_D tools homepage in Dev-Heaven.

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