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ConvertP3d de-binarises ODOL p3d's to either ofp sp3x mlod format, or, ArmA P3DM MLOD format OR converts one MLOD format to the other.

MLOD sp3x       ->MLOD p3dm
MLOD p3dm       ->MLOD sp3x
ODOLV7(OFP)     ->MLOD p3dm or sp3x
ODOLV40 (Arma1) ->MLOD p3dm or sp3x
ODOLV43 (Arma2) ->MLOD p3dm or sp3x
ODOLVBS2        ->MLOD p3dm or sp3x
ODOLV47/8(Arma2)  not supported

Note that in the case of converting ANY ArmA P3d (of any type) to OFP SP3X, certain necessary restrictions apply.

A P3D that contains materials (rvmat files) cannot be converted. Period.

P3D textures (.pax) will be converted to 32 char format. It does so by prepending the source p3d file name and the texture file name. The assumption being that a model being created for OFP will want to have it's pax in the same folder.

The name will have to be hand edited in most cases.


ConvertP3d FileName[.p3d] [TO]

 TO (optional)
  1  SP3X
  2  P3DM default

Requires DePbo.dll - Check Mikero tools homepage in Dev-Heaven or download ConvertP3d1.62.rar directly.

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