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Synide P3D Plugin

2016-09-12 important update; modo 801 and 10.1v2 almost always crash on P3D MLOD loading, Synide has been contacted about the issue but he is not replying.

Synide's P3D Plugin for modo 601. It allows you to read & write MLOD P3DM .p3d's from directly within Luxology modo aka The Foundry Modo.

How To Install:

It's probably a good idea to 'blow away' your modo601.cfg and let the application create a 'new' one… thus clearing out any 'old' p3d plugin info.

Most people have the 601 Content installed with their application. In the root directory of the Content is a new 'Kits' directory. Extract this .7z file into this directory and start modo. Done.

If you do not have Content\Kits\ directory, just create it.

How to setup for newer modo releases

In the sy_p3d directory there is a file called “index.cfg”. It has a line like this at the top:

<configuration kit="SyP3D" version="" and="nt" and="rel=601" and="ver]=48460">

You just change the rel=601 bit to rel=701:

<configuration kit="SyP3D" version="" and="nt" and="rel=701" and="ver]=48460">

Then modo should see it as usual.


Download sy_p3d_601_v3. from ArmA.2.Tools.2024-03-19/ Torrent Magnet:

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