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This tool converts ArmA, ArmA 2 and ArmA 2 OA ODOL p3ds to editable MLOD format.


P3DDebinarizer.exe [src [dst]]

If no parameters are given a dialog will appear where you can select a p3d file.

What is not extracted from the ODOL

  • point properties
  • face properties
  • normals (but O2 automatically calculates them)
  • for Resolution-, Shadow- and the ViewLODs it often is the case that the named selection mapping is incomplete, especially when the model has a skeleton (just the case for ArmA 2 models)
  • mass distribution is always uniform and therefore not always like the source MLOD

Requires Bis.dll - Check T_D tools homepage in Dev-Heaven.

Download P3DDebinarizer_v0.95.rar directly.

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