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3DS MAX Toolset

3DS Max tools for ArmA 2 editing by Soul_Assassin.

Short feature list:

  • Automatically set up your project folder structures
  • Fast create blueprint cross
  • Easy unit scale sync with O2 simply 1:1 import
  • Fast and easy bake of Ambient Occlusion and diffuse colors
  • A super fast an efficient way of generating named selections, storing lists of named selections for re-use or exchange, sequential naming etc.
  • Create memory LODs straight in max and then easily assign mem points as rotation axis for objects to preview animations without ever exiting max.
  • Export your memory LODs to O2 with proper names
  • Link up you object and set up you bone structure
  • Generate complex model.cfg files based on your model straight in max within minutes!


Tested on 2010 64/32bit, 2009 32/64 bit but theoretically should work with ver 9. min. for sure with 2008.

Download ArmAToolBox_1.1.7z and ArmAToolBox_1.1_patch1.7z.

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