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DePew is a simple application which analyses PEW files, exports / imports objects and deletes objects / templates.

Formats supported range from Pose57 (Elite) thru to Pose60 (ArmA 2).


DePew [-option(s) [import.txt]] Anyfile[.pew]	[export.txt]


	none:	simply analyse the pew to verify it's integrity.
	-LO[X][Cc]:	list all objects in world tools format
	-LT[Cc]:	list all templates
	-X:		enhanced. (Includes relative height info)
	-Cc:		Separation char (default is ,)
	-DO[Y]:		delete all objects
	-DT[Y]:		delete all templates (and objects)
	-I[Y]:		import objects (and build templates where necessary)
	-R[Y]:		Reduce object memory (by deleting unused)
	-Y:             don't prompt for ask.
	-E[X][Cc]:	Export Objects
	-T:		will create a copy of the pewfile, using the dll's internals, and then checks it for errors.
			this is a confidence test of the dll, not, the pew
	-P:		pause on completion
	-K:		no pause on error (useful for bat commands which will test the return val anyway)
	-A:		Add offsets x,y (and optionally z). See below
	-U:		show usage stats of objects and templates

Export syntax:

DePew -E[X][Cc] SomePew export.txt

Import Syntax:

DePew -I[Y] import.txt SomePew

Import works with all known forms of world tool export syntax. Specifically, one object per line.

FileName<separator>X<separator>Y<separator>Z[<Separator>Degrees]<optional separator>

<separator> can be ; , | or space. Spaces if used in a file name must (obviously) be enclosed in quotes

Add Offsets

Operates at two different levels

-A x,y[,z] import.txt SomePew : Will add offsets ONLY to imported.txt
-A x,y[,z] SomePew : Will add offsets to ALL current pew objects.

Requires DePbo.dll - Check Mikero tools homepage in Dev-Heaven.

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