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How to open ArmA 2 files

People seem to ask constantly “HOW DO I OPEN NEW PBOS!!!?” etc, this page will sort all that out. This page only gives you the rough overview how to get started, the details of how to use each individual tool mentioned here is up to the specific pages which you are linked to.

This page will be updated as the files and tools evolve :)


Number one rule is; forget about cpbo, depbo and all other out-dated PBO tools, just use ExtractPbo from Mikero's tools.

Config.cpp / RVMAT

When you run ExtractPbo into an ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead (OA) or British Armed Forces (BAF) pbo files, it will open them, simple as that. It not only open it, but it will deRapify the config.bin into human readable normal config.cpp format along with the rvmat's.

If you have already unpacked or otherwise got a hold of config.bin or rapified .rvmat file, then just run deRapify on it and you'll get the config.cpp and human readable .rvmat file.


Do not use Kegetys PAAPlugin as its out-dated, use the BIS tool called Texview2 instead which will be installed with the BIS tools setup.

If for some reason you don't have Texview2, you can use T_D's PAADeCompressor util to save it into ArmA Texview2 format.


You can open Chernarus, Utes, Takistan, Zargabad or Desert terrain WRP files with ConvertWRP from Mikero. This tool will save it to PEW format which you can open in Visitor 3.


WSS sound files can be converted to WAV format with Mikero's wss2wav tool.

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