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Modeling Tutorials

Modeling tutorials hosted in PMC Editing Wiki, you can rest assured that links for these will always be active.

Gizmo Mapping by Ebud

Spherical Gizmo Mapping by Remcen

Correct Texture by Ian Malcolm

Smooth and Sharp Edges by Ian Malcolm

Creating Simple Building by Ian Malcolm

Importing 3DS model to O2 by Ian Malcolm

Oxygen 2 tutorial. Helps you to setup O2.

Creating your first addon.

Creating your first car

Creating your first Weapon

Creating your first Helicopter

Creating your first Gunboat

Creating your first Airplane

Creating your first ARMED Airplane

Creating your first Building

Custom Object Animations



Planes, Helicopters

Damage Indication

Damaged Tank by Fab.

Hidden Selections

Intro by Fab.


Intro by Fab.

Additional Tutorials

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