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Correct Textures

Using the right format of textures by Ian Malcolm

PAA Format

PAA textures with transparency for all objects. Use them only if you really want half transaprency, eg glass.

PAA format is good for BLACK/WHITE (desaturated) textures, BIS use them in resistance on weapons, after converting textures stay only in black/white colors.

As you see on pic, PAA black/white texture looks better then PAC:


How to do it?

Save black/white texture in TGA, then desaturate it in Photoshop (CTRL-SHIFT-U) a then convert to PAA.

As you can see on this pic, using PAA textures is not always the best way.


For this is better use PAC textures.

PAC Format:

Use it all the time
PAC support more colors then PAA
Creating PAC with transparency (using GIF format) Good for trees,bushes etc.

Fill the Invisible space on texture,use color 255 0 255 (R-G-B). Pic from photoshop:


Then File → Save for web… (GIF). When you converted it in PAC you'll see



This tutorial was written by Ian Malcolm in

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