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Tools and Utils

There are several tools to edit Falcon 4. These are as following:

Automatic Tile Area Placer

To edit bitmap and then convert that information to CSV file.

Configurable Auto Tiling Enhancer. This is what you use to auto tile terrains.

Converts CSV file to TDF file.

Cockpit 2D Editor by unknown Author.

Cockpit editing tool.

Converts DEM terrain data into L2 file.

Older DEM to L2 file converter, obsolete by now.

Utility to edit the database.

F4Patch TexMan plugin.

Makes TDF files.

Edits the 3d models.

Updates the theater.lst which lists all theaters.

Fixes the terrain normals (shading/shadows).

Open Source installer which PMC (and RV etc) uses.

Edits the campaign and tactical engagement files.

Tactical Reference editor by Skyfire76.

Terrain editor.

The TheaterMaker Utility is actually a bundled package of several useful tools which include:

  1. ATCUtility / edit the ATC
  2. L2CMover / Moves the terrainview exported segment files (.L2C) into different coordinates.
  3. LODFixer / Terrain Autotiler, 4byte converter.
  4. LODInstaller / utility to change out models in the KO.LOD
  5. ObjectMover / Moves objectives out of the water (I think:)
  6. ObjectPlacer / Bridge place, road/river checker, many uses.
  7. PathMaker / Creates “paths” to the texture.bin from tiles, edits data.
  8. Tlkutil / Changes out voice fragments for the sounds folder
  9. TVConverter / Converts terrainview coordinates to tacedit coordinates (or other way around).
  10. Witchfix / Converts .wch files to .txt and the other way around.

Batch resizes/creates H tiles into M, L and T tiles.

Various small perls scripts to edit several things.

Creates the OF and RV dds terrain tiles.

Rebuilds the terrain from L2 file.

  • Htti (Allied Force)

Rebuilds the terrain from L2 file for Allied Force (no old F4 registry).

Exports 3DS models into Falcon 4 LOD models, by WaveyDave.

Converts Falcon 4 LOD models into 3DS models, by Cool Hand.

Village Util is automatic objective placer, now obsolete.

User Interface Res file editing and generating tool, by Khronik.

Download Note:
You can download the latest versions for all these from our PMC Tactical Falcon 4 Downloads page and join PMC Tactical Falcon 4 Theater Tools Forum Area for discussions.

Don't forget the generic editing_tools list.

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