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Falcon 4 3DS to LOD Exporter

Falcon 4 3DS to LOD Exporter by WaveyDave

This file is a command line utility to convert .3DS models to a Falcon 4 standard LOD files.

The exporter is made up of a number of different plug-ins. There is the export plug-in, this takes the geometry data from the scene and saves it in Falcon 4 format. In addition to the export plug-in a number of modifiers and helpers were created, these are used to emulate some of the functionality of the Falcon 4 file format so it could be exported by the exporter.

The exporter is compatible with 3D Studio Max versions 4 and 5.


  • Nested DOF's.
  • Extended DOF support.
  • Switch and XSwitch.
  • Per vertex colour.
  • Colour match, matches RGB to Falcon colour.
  • Texture coordinates.
  • Texture list added to root node.
  • Smoothing groups used the generate shading normals.
  • Model layout shown in schematic view.



Download from PMC Tactical Falcon 4 Downloads page or from WaveyDave's homepage here.

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