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Falcon 4.0

Campaign, files, ground units, bridges, kneemap, links, pak etc editing.

How to make 2D and 3D cockpits and install them/

Includes description of the files and how to edit loadouts etc.

Structs and other file formats

The NASA SRTM terrain creation.

Creating the terrain and tiling.

Ground textures ie Tiles, how to setup texture.bin and how to create tiles. Also aircraft Skins.

All tools listed to edit F4.

Editing the main GUI as well as other pages.

Creating 3D models for F4.

Misc stuff:

Aircraft flight model (how it flies) editing.

How to create UI flags and maps.

World famous PMC Ultimate Theater Tutorial, everything is covered here!

How large theaters can I do?

We use this unified directory sturcture to build our terrains.

How is FreeFalcon 4 RedViper, OpenFalcon and Falcon 4 Allied Force different?

F4 Unified Team's SuperPAK addon/patch.

How to release your Falcon 4 addon / theater / etc.

See what kind of F4AF BFOpslog.txt interesting errors there are.

Theater TDF file controls where and how your theater is setup.

How to add custom movies and music to your theaters.

Where in Windows registry is Falcon?

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