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Unified Theater Directory Naming Structure

PMC is using a community accepted theater directory naming structure for all upcoming theaters (for all Falcon versions). It is


So all theaters are located in one nice neat directory. Under there would be of course


And the TDF + TGA file will remain in the Theaters/<THEATER>/ root directory.

Here is practical example of the directories in my latest work, Iran theater.

<falconroot>/Theaters/Iran/art/ <- art files
<falconroot>/Theaters/Iran/campaign/ <- campaign files
<falconroot>/Theaters/Iran/terrdata/ <- terrain and weather files
<falconroot>/Theaters/Iran/iran.tdf <- theater definition file
<falconroot>/Theaters/Iran/iran.tga <- tga image for tdf

This means that the Falcon directory is neat and clean, only one (1) dir for any theaters. Also installing and uninstalling theaters is easy as we can merely just “unpack” them into this one dir and its good to go, when removing, we just remove the one dir.

All upcoming PMC theaters as well as any theaters that I'm unofficially releasing or helping out with, will use this and this structure only. I'm pleading for any and all theater makers out there to start using this dir structure so we can all benefit from it.

Thank you.

Source PMC Tactical forum topic.

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