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UIResTool by Khronik

Unpacks and packs User Interface (UI) .idx / .rsc files and generates new ones.

You do NOT need to have Perl installed to use this program.

The “Auto Icon Generator” generates all directions, and colors while only requiring 2 directions (EE,NE) for each unit.

As long as you supply a EE and NE for each unit variant under enroute/blair, the script generates all other required directions, and all color types. (ie blair,rdair,etc…)

The script requires 1x EE, and 1x NE TGA (must respect format/color format/etc) for each unit variant under “./enroute/blair/EE” and “./enroute/blair/NE”

Although “./enroute/blair” is used as the main folder the script builds from, the images added or existing under that folder do not need to be blue type as all icons are “re-palleted” using the user selected option.

Source Image Requirements:

  • Images must be TGA format using a 256 color indexed palette.
  • 1st index of the palette is the transparency layer, magenta 255/0/255.
  • 2nd index of the palette is always black 0/0/0.
  • 3rd index of the palette defines the main icon color.
  • 4th index of the palette defines the object outline.

Custom Palette:

Select “custom” under the palette drop list to allow for user defined palettes for each color (blair,rdair,etc…)

Palette files must be named with the same color handle as the icon color group they replace. ie. blair.pal

Any colors not accounted for under “/custom” will be replaced by their legacy default, so the user does not have to make a .pal for every color, only those they would like to replace.


Version 1.1

Fixed “type” not being read on generate all and pack functions causing the error “Files missing for action”.

Version 1.0

Added BMS support


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