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Cockpit 2D Editor

Cockpit 2D Editor by unknown author

Cockpit editor for Falcon4.

Load a .dat file and display the bits in the tree.

Clicking on the various bits in the tree view shows where they are. Right click shows you properties… some of which can be altered. Doesn't work for all types of things yet.

Many things to be done.



Cut/copy/paste - sort of
Tree view now sorts itself out more correctly - things end up where they should be.


Color editor for all colors now
ESC key cancels drag & drop
persistant 3 state fixed
Ded text display.


Button/Light fixups
Drag and drop. Can drag and drop in tree view between panels.
Can also reorder the items within a panel. Unfortunately the tree view
doesn't always quite reflect the real order if you do a lot of moving around.


Duplicate added
HSI bits can be switched off and on from the property page


Lots of work on the HSI bits.
Track mouse position in status bar.
Focus on digits and indicators when selected.


Fix to nudge
Change to unique checking to be smarter
New button to reset dest sizes to the equivalent source size object.


Some light fixes.
Nudge templates and others
crash fix for deleteing src rectangles.


Some minor fixes


Persistant stuff on button view
New ADI colors


Fix for screwed up ADI and DED/PFL stuff


PFL stuff for 1.10


Stuff for 1.10, Adi and ded colours.


Fixed up the new surface move/resize bug.


Added different cockpit size support. keys of the first few chars of the dat name.
Also some dial drawing.


Button sound checks.
Check for non-unique objects.


Hopefully fixed refresh command
Check for overlapping surfaces.
Simple mask top check (!= 0)


Renamed button stuff
Refresh command added.


Don't write buttonview/object lists if there aren't any.
Remove excess surfaces on save.
checks for must have objects.


Must hold shift down to move drag etc now… cursor now reflects this.
Colours now sort of correct in template view
Zoom in/out now increments by 0.1 instead of doubling/halving.
Rename nodes from their boring generated names now.


Double click in tree view does properties. (not sure this is good?)
Double click in main view toggles state.
A couple of minor efficiency hacks…
clicking on the template view will select and object if its there and has that state currently.
Button views are now recalculated to match the number of uses (thanks XIS).
Panel reachability is now checked.
Masktop shown as a dash line when a panel is selected


New surface creation stuff. Can only create new surfaces currently where one already exists. The drag stuff now moves and resizes the destination and source together.
Ok - fixed the create surface to be more generic - can create them now.
Added the add panel to create new panels.
Fixed a bug when dragging in zoomed views.
Added buttons and Sounds tree bits.
Sound property page added.


Kneeview, liftline, chevron, text, manager, panel property pages
More stuff can be created now.
Load of minor save stuff fixed, and one BIG save bug fixed.


Add and delete things. Can delete nearly everything, can add some things.
Add and delete rectangles in lists now.
Some more checks implemented.


osb buttons now saved when appropriate - doh!
button editor added
HSI, Machasi property pages included.
Some error checking stuff written.
Also checks on save now for major problems.


Buttons and lights don't draw anything in state 0 (as per XIS)
Resizing DEST now resizes the SRC area if appropriate too.
Digit Property page implemented.
New display of the template page
Some more property pages written Dial, Indicator, (bit tedious)
Some of the source/dest buttons on the dialog work (where they're easy!)
Some of Rufus's colours added
Moveable/draggable stuff on the template view.
Document save prompt stuff
Reinitialising stuff on load (I hope).


Speed up the startup - load pictures on demand now.
Transparency fixed.
Select options on either screen now.
Zoom focuses around the current control.
Cycle lights/buttons
Drag and resize bars.
Nudge left/right/up/down
Added some keyboard acceleratiors for speed
Context menu in the main page.
Added some colourful(?) icons to the tree view


Ded properties added.
Highlight surfaces on selection
Zoom in/out toolbar buttons


Please help us track down who is the author of this util and if there is any newer versions out, thanks. Join the discussion in PMC Tactical forums topic.

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