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SeasonSwitcher by ?

This util is used by PMC to create the RV and OF DDS textures from the original PCX files.


To run SeasonSwitcher, you must set the windows registry to point into the theater you want to create. It looks for curTheater entry from the Falcon 4 registry. This is example how we setup Vietnam theater registry:


HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE "SOFTWARE\Microprose\Falcon\4.0" "curTheater"

And how to change it from command line:

reg add HKLM\Software\Microprose\Falcon\4.0 /v curTheater /t REG_SZ /d "Vietnam" /F

You can also change this from ingame Falcon, but its sort of chicken and egg syndrome, you can't run the theater until you build the tiles… and you can't build the tiles… until… you run… Falcon… see the dilemma? :)

When you have the registry in order, run the util with this command line:

seasonswitcher.exe -0

Then it starts to rebuild the PCX tiles into DDS tiles, including the fartiles (and I'm not sure about some night lighting tiles too). I've been told this is incremental task, if you abort it half way through and then continue later (or just run it later anyways) it will continue where it left off so it wont rebuild everything from scratch.


Download TerrainBuildUtils.rar - 350kb.

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