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LxNormalFix by Fred “BaldEagle” Balding

This util is used to recalculate the normals on AF terrains so the “shadow” effect is fixed.

LxNormalFix is a multi-purpose utility.

  • Fixes the shading normals in the Theater.Lx files, giving realistic terrain shading
  • (Optional) Changes the selected terrain LOD level file (Terrain.L?) elevation to those in a greyscale BMP or MultiGen DED format file. Recalculates the normals for the new elevations
  • (Optional) Replace terrdata\Terrain\Theater.Lx elevations using another Theater.Lx file
  • (Optional) Generate an Elevation Data File (compressed ~= 8 MB) from hirez Theater.L0 file
  • (Optional) Use Elevation Data File to update elevation in all Level files (L0 - L5)
  • (Optional) Save Theater.L0 elevations to a L0 Elevations Data File. (Quick save)


$LP @[Theater Name] @[theater path] Lead Pursuit F4-AF version
@[Theater Name] @[theater path]	for ODS512, @Operation @C:\Falcon4\Theaters\DesertStorm\terrdata

e.g., @Balkans @C:\Falcon4\terrdata\Balkans

Here are the examples how PMC theaters are being build.

For AF:

LxNormalFix.exe $LP @DesertStorm @d:\games\f4af\Theaters\DesertStorm\terrdata

For RV and OF:

LxNormalFix.exe @DesertStorm @d:\games\f4\Theaters\DesertStorm\terrdata


LxNormalFix is almost unusable for 128 segment theaters, it eats up to 780mb RAM while running on these larger theaters. Your windows will be totally bogged down with this kind of memory usage and other programs is no use to run at the same time, reboot is a must after the LxNormalFix process has finished.

For 64 segment theater it runs much much better.


If anyone is willing to code us a brand new terrain rebuilding tools, we would be much grateful. Please contact us in PMC Tactical forum topic. Thank you.

Download AF_LxNormalFix.rar - 86kb.

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