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FLIR / Thermal Imaging textures

FLIR or Thermal Imaging textures.

You need to make a texture for the FLIR to work, something like:


A quick way to create a ti_ca map is to use the alpha/blue layers from your _NOHQ and play around with the brightness and contrast to get it looking similar to a BIS _ti map. Extract the character_e.pbo and have a look at a _ti map to compare to what you are making.

Example below, this should all be in the ALPHA channel of your texture. The GREEN and BLUE channels should be completely black and the RED should be completely white. (making the RGB all red).

Image link

Add an extra stage to your RVMAT, if you open a BIS RVMAT from ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead you can't actually see the StageTI that defines the thermal map.

You need to open your models RVMAT in text editor and add:

class StageTI
        texture = "path\to\your\thermal_map_ti_ca.paa";

I add this right at the top and it seems to work fine.

See also VBS 2 developer online help and specific Thermal Imaging page.

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