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IED Usage

British armed forces improvised explosive device (IED) usage through script.

The IEDs work like Satchel Charges. You can place them and detonate them within 300m remotely. You can even command, via the Action Commands, a grouped AI to place and Touchoff a IED.

There are two types of IED in british armed forces – garbage (shells under garbage) and ground (buried IED). Each type has a large and small explosion version.

Satchel charges just need “pipebombmuzzle” to be used via scripting. IEDs are slightly more complicated, with each IED having it’s own muzzle name as shown here. An ammobox filled with IEDs is available under Empty → Ammo → Explosives Stash (or by using the BAF_IEDBox classname to create one).

IED Classnames and Muzzlenames:

Class name Muzzle name
BAF_ied_v1 BAF_ied_v1_muzzle
BAF_ied_v2 BAF_ied_v2_muzzle
BAF_ied_v3 BAF_ied_v3_muzzle
BAF_ied_v4 BAF_ied_v4_muzzle

Ammobox: BAF_IEDBox

To get an AI to place an IED via scripting you use these commands.

To equip an AI with an IED:

this addMagazine "BAF_ied_v2";

To place an IED (replace the muzzle classname with the matching muzzle type for whatever class IED the unit has):

placingUnit Fire ["BAF_ied_v2_muzzle"];

To explode an IED:

anyUnit action ["TOUCHOFF", placingUnit];

The action command “touchoff” can use any unit to set off the IED. Even if the placing unit is dead.

IEDs can be set to explode via timer as well, just like a satchel charge.

Bug Notes: Players will see incorrect labels in their action menu for these IEDs. They will see “Put IED (ground large)” for the V3 version which is actually just “ground”, the small charge.

V1 (garbage small) is also broken to various degrees. Players won’t even get the option to place it. If you use the action commands to tell an AI to place it your action will be blank and he’ll set it to 30 seconds automatically. Thankfully it’s a small bang!

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