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High Command




Units (F1) > Game Logic > Modules > High Command - Commander
Units (F1) > Game Logic > Modules > High Command - Subordinate




For every new commander, place “High Command - Commander” game logic on map and synchronize it (F5) with the commander.

  • If you won't add any subordinates, all units on commander's side will be automatically added under his command.
  • If you create at least one subordinate (“High Command - Subordinate” game logic) and link it to Commander logic, automatic assigning will be turned off and all groups linked to Subordinate logic will be added instead.
  • Linking more subordinate logics to Commander logic will add groups to differently colored subgroups.


Every “High Command - Commander” logic is named 'BIS_HC_#', where # is ID starting from 0.

Adding group under someones command

<HCO> hcsetgroup [<group>,""];

Optional parameters

Set variables to BIS_HC_# with desired values

  • radios = <array>; - Radio channels reserved for radio triggered waypoints.

Example: BIS_HC_1 setvariable [“radios”,[1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0]];
Default value: [] - no channel reserved

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