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Function Library

Functions Library

Function Library is pack of script functions available from anywhere in game.



Editor: Units (F1) > Game Logic > Modules > Function Library

Data: ca\modules\functions


Place Function manager on map. No additional synchronizing needed.


First, you need to check if Functions were already initialized:

waituntil {!isnil "bis_fnc_init"};

Always check for 'BIS_fnc_init', not specific functions (e.g. 'BIS_fnc_setpitchbank')!
Never set value of 'BIS_fnc_init' in any part of mission! It may lead to breakdown of some modules!

After that, you can call any function using following syntax:

_fnc = [params] call TAG_fnc_functionName.

In-game functions viewer

See BIS_fnc_help (TODO)

Adding new functions

List of functions is defined in config - CfgFunctions. New ones can be also added in Description.ext file of mission or campaign.

class cfgFunctions
	class BIS
		class category1
			class Test1 		{ description = "Testing file 1"; };
	class CSLA
		class category1
			class Test2 		{ description = "Testing file 2"; file = "test.sqf"; };

If 'file' path is not set, system will search for file 'functions\category\fn_function.sqf“ (if function is defined in description.ext) or 'ca\modules\functions\category\fn_function.sqf” (if function is in config.cpp).

Result is:

  • BIS_fnc_Test1 - will load script \functions\category1\test1.sqf from mission or campaign directory
  • CSLA_fnc_Test2 - will load script \ca\modules\functions\category1\test2.sqf
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