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ArmA 2 mod.cpp

ArmA 2 mod.cpp is used to identify your addon / modification.

When you put “mod.cpp” file in your addon/mod root directory, it will be read and used to identify your addon.

British Armed Forces mod.cpp:

   name = "Arma 2: British Armed Forces";
   // picture = "mod.paa"; optional to use different mod picture, mod.paa is default
   actionName = "Website";
   action = ""; //only websites are currently possible here

name Is the long name of your addon which is written in the main menu and in the Expansions menu.

picture By default “mod.paa” image is read to show picture of your addon, you can use path + file name for this image or leave it commented out in which case “mod.paa” file is read.

actionName Is the name string written into the button in Expansions menu when user is viewing your addon. It could/should have your groups name abbreviation for example.

action Is a http website link to where you want users to be connected when they click the button in Expansions menu.

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