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CfgMods config entry for mod makers

A new feature for Mod maker who want to identify their mod in ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead and lead the player directly to his website. In the main menu there an feature to link more mods without the shortcut procedure. (the last entry there)

Here an example:

class CfgMods
       class BWMod
            dir = "BWMod";
            name = "Bundeswehr Mod";
            picture = "\bwmod\bwmod_logo.paa";
            hidePicture = "true";
            hideName = "true";
            action = "";

Descriptions of the config values.

Config Description
class You choose a name for your entry
dir The name of the mod folder
name Name in Menu
picture a logo picture who is shown on the right site of the menu
hidePicture true/false (show the pic in the mainmenu)
hideName true/false (show the name in the mainmenu)
action the link for the website button
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