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ArmA Texture Naming Rules

These “rules” are set by BIS and not PMC :)

The texture name should be simple ascii, containing only letters, digits and underscore (no letters with diacritics). Only one dot is allowed leading the extension.

Example of texture name: M151A1_fuelTank01_CO.tga

The source texture file format is PNG (preferred) or TGA (no compression, only 24b or 32b).

Example: objectName_textureName_textureType.tga

textureType is predefined suffix, that allows to choose proper compression and other transformation for the texture. The actual transformation is defined by TexConvert.cfg used by both Pal2PacE and TexView 2 tools).

_CO - color (difuse map), sRGB color space
_CA - color with alpha (difuse map with alpha), sRGB color space
_NO - normal map
_NS - normal map specular (with alpha)
_NOF - normal map faded (mipmaps fade the texture in distance, usefull for terrain)
_NON - normal map with noise in alpha channel ( noise is used for vegetation lods blending)
_NOHQ - normal map high quality
_NOVHQ - normal map high quality
_DT - detail texture, average color should be 0.5, texture has got fade out filter in mipmaps
_CDT - colored detail texture, average color should be 0.5 in all R G B channels, texture has got fade out filter in mipmaps
_SKY - sky texture
_MC - macro texture, sRGB color space
_AS - ambient shadow texture
_SM - specular map
_SMDI - optimised specular map for better bitdepth
_LCO - layer color map, texture used for satelite and mask textures on the terrain
_MCO - multiply color map, texture used to multiply with color map (as cdt) without fade out filter, average color should be 0.5 in all R G B channels

Only some formats use sRGB Color Space, other use linear space.

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