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Destroyed Building

How to create a destroyed building and its animation.

Armored_Sheep (BIS Dev): Instead of modeling RUINS you can also use RTM animation of the object. Each part of model has a named selection and keyframe animation of this “bone” is stored in RTM. See radiotower or bridges config defines for more.

Linker_Split: It occurs when you want to animate a simple face (a quad or a triangle). just make it solid and the problem will be over-passed.

How to build a RTM animation?

Name parts of your model… in O2PE you turn on the Window → Animations tool window. Insert 'keyframes' at each keyframe you move your named selections using the various tools in O2PE.

How to open RTM files?

Open .RTM's with O2PE… by right-clicking in the Animations tool window and selecting from matrices… navigate to an appropriate .rtm for that particular model.


As you can see this page is very much work in progress and we need a proper tutorial for the subject. But this is a good start, to give some basic info.

Linker_Split's PMC Tactical forum topic about this.

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