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Vehicle wheels damage

Vehicle wheels damage configuration.

Do you have a Hitpoints LOD, with all the points properly named as defined in you config?

The BIS MLOD samples include correct URAL model including the hitpoints for the tires (the hitpoints are named levy/pravy predni/zadni tlumic).

For config's purposes, use the Truck5tMG as base class for wheeled vehicles, so your Damagetextures, HitLFWheel etc. are correct. The model.cfg shows the corresponding sections:

class CfgModels
    class Default
        sections[] = {};
        skeletonName = "";
	class Car: Default
		sectionsInherit = "Default";
		sections[] =
			"levy predni",
			"levy prostredni",
			"levy zadni",
			"pravy predni",
			"pravy prostredni",
			"pravy zadni",
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